2015 Sun Devils

The Sun Devils is an Elite baseball program whose goal is to provide gifted and dedicated baseball athletes the opportunity to train and compete at a competitive level while maximizing their innate potential.  The Sun Devils have partnered up with Metro West Sportscenter to be the official home of their inaugural 2014 season in order to give its players the all-around  training necessary to compete with the best; starting with its off-season training with live swings, mound work, individual player attention and conditioning program. All players chosen for this program will soon learn that success on the Diamond starts by training and repetition.

Players Must Be the Age Eligible on April 1, 2015 for the 2015 EBL Season



Sun Devils Developmental 10 Year Old Training Team 

Sun Devils 2014-2015 Program Overview

Baseball Coaching Staff 

11 Year Old Sun Devils  Head Coach – Andrew Reddington
12 Year Old Sun Devils  Head Coach – Pat Hodgdon
13 Year Old Sun Devils Head Coach –  Paul Everett
14 Year Old Sun Devils Head Coach – James Lagos
Specialty Guest Appearance Coaches
  • Dan Sullivan – Pitching & Hitting
  • Joey Magnani – Hitting

Email Info@mwsportscenter.com if you have any questions about the Sun Devils Program